Stores look at technology as a way to increase profitability

By Wendy Sanacore
Lowes is spending a lot of money to upgrade the technology in their stores. The company has boosted capital spending by 20% to $1.6 billion this year.
What are they spending a portion of it on?
Lowes is equipping employees with 42,000 iPhone 4’s to more promptly answer shoppers’ questions and ring up purchases. The company is implementing these changes to keep up with The Home Depot which continually stays ahead of Lowes in sales.
While Lowes has declined to state how much they will be spending on technology in this fiscal year, it is said to be a record amount.
Technology is the backbone of a company. For those who believe that Lowes can’t keep up or catch up with The Home Depot, I would challenge them to reconsider.
A company willing to invest in  technology is a company with its sights set on the future. We are a technology driven world. A smile helps, but response time speaks volumes. The instant access that Lowes’ employees are  going to have to pertinent information will help them grow their business, build their brand image and lead to happier customers.
In addition to adding iPhones, Lowes is also rolling out a new online tool with a website upgrade. The tool will allow customers to store owners’ manuals, warranties and paint formulas.
Utilizing the newest technology will keep your business up to date and current. We see it every day. Our clients are typically companies who are upgrading to the newest and latest version of software and need our assistance.
By implementing the right upgrades and technology, you keep your business running on all cylinders.