IBM WebSphere Self-Paced Virtual Training

By Wendy Sanacore
I get a lot of inquiries about where techs can get online WebSphere training. May consultants ask me about it because TxMQ is a staffing firm with a particular specialization in WebSphere.
We don’t offer personalized, individual training. We do however offer a fantastic WebSphere Message Broker 7 workshop for companies. The course is designed to provide general technical knowledge for application architects and developers. If you want a full description of the course, please click here.
However, if you are searching for online WebSphere training, I can point you in the direction of IBM’s online course.
The specially designed self-paced virtual course provides the same deep content training as classroom training while saving you time and expenses.
For more information on the IBM WebSphere Education Self-Paced Virtual course, click here.
And as a shameless plug for TxMQ, we are always looking for the next great WebSphere Consultant. If that’s you, please contact us immediately and send your resume over. We probably have your next engagement waiting for you right now!