IBM machines survive earthquake

By Wendy Sanacore
I read a really interesting article today and I thought it pertinent to share.
So many people are afraid of technology and its resilience in the face of catastrophe. Our businesses and every day lives are so dependent on technology, its scary to think about what will happen in an event like the earthquake in Japan.
However, IBM proved its resilience…
Take a look at the pictures shown throughout this blog. They are pictures post-earthquake from a data center in the Tokyo area. As you can see, the IBM equipment has been shaken, tilted and/or thrown to the ground in a destructive manner. However, despite the abuse they suffered, no machines went down, no work was lost and no service interruptions were experienced.
There are a couple morals to this story then…
First of all, IBM equipment is reliable and durable in the face of extreme adversity.
Second, leave some slack in your cables…you never know when you might need it.
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