IBM Launches DB2 10 for z/OS

Just this morning, IBM announced the launch of DB2 10 for z/OS with a general availability beginning on October 22, 2010.
IBM believes DB2 10 addresses the following challenges:
Business challenges:
Containing budgets
Workload growth
Good consistent customer service
IT staff productivity
Audit & compliance
Technical Challenges:
Hardware evolution
Application evolution
Virtual storage constraints
Data contention
DB2 10 will deliver results to businesses for all these challenges.
According to IBM, DB2 10 for z/OS is simpler, utilizes proven technology and cost effectiveness, with CPU reductions for most workloads. IBM listened to the technical and business requirements needed for the new version and took the most important and resounding concerns into consideration.
Rick Bowers, DB2 for z/OS Director at IBM stated that they wanted to make sure the user experience out of the box was the best that it could be.
DB2 10 key enhancements, improvements & features:
1. Reduce hardware and software cost by reducing CPU usage
2. Improve business resiliency
3. Improve scalability and availability
4. Increase security and simplify compliance
5. Reduce administration and system management
6. Enable flexible migration paths
7. Enhance query and reporting facilities to get more out of data
8. Faster and easier
Achievements of DB2 10
Reduced costs
Compared to previous DB2 versions, most customers achieve an out of the box CPU savings of five to 10 percent for traditional workloads, and up to 20 percent for some specific workloads.
CPU usage is reduced by optimizing processor times and memory access, leveraging the latest processor improvements, larger amounts of memory, and z/OS enhancements.
Proven technology
DB2 10 builds on the already proven technologies of previous versions. Businesses can scale five to 10 times more concurrent users with less complexity and cost. A reduced response time leads to better performance all around.
Increased Security
DB2 10 offers a new DB2 data security solution that allows you to manage access to a table at the level of a row, column, or both. This ensures that your critical data is safe and allows you to define and create audit policies to address your specific business security needs.
Improved productivity
DB2 10 is all about allowing you to do more with less. It utilizes features like easier scaling and simpler memory management, more online processing, access path stability and more. Resiliency improvements for virtual storage and availability can increase your productivity.
In summary, DB2 10 takes all the best features of the previous versions and makes them better, according to IBM. Improved resiliency, availability, flexibility and reliability are all features from which you will benefit.
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