How do you stay up to date on technology?

By Wendy Sanacore
It’s been a while since I have written a post and I am sorry for that. But we have been under a bit of a transition here at work. We have recently converted two of our integral internal systems over to new providers and it has been a whirlwind of questions, troubleshooting and head scratching.
And it really isn’t that complicated of stuff that we’re doing. It is however pulling at the lifeline that we all use day in and day out.
The first system we switched over was our candidate tracking system. We made the shift because the previous system we were using didn’t meet our needs exactly. So after some research and planning, we chose our new system.
Overall, we are very pleased with the shift. However, with any large software move, we encountered technical difficulties. None of the details of the jobs in our old system transferred, some of the resumes we had in our old system didn’t transfer…
But, we had both systems running simultaneously and we were able to work off both of them with no down time. The shift has been completed and we are working to become more and more skilled at the new system.
The other system we transitioned to is a system aimed at our sales staff. Up until now, our sales team has housed their own leads and lists in whatever format and place they desired. Now, we have a central database to track leads and enter new information. This system will allow for supreme organization, scheduled reminders, and additional features that will ensure productivity.
The problem with the transition is the training. How do we train our sales and admin team to use this comprehensive tool the way that it is meant to be used.
How do you stay up to date on technology. I know that the technology we are learning to use is nothing compared to say the newest version of WebSphere or an upgrade of DB2.
As an IT professional, it’s imperative that you stay up to date on current technology. It’s either that or you run the option of falling behind in your field and losing paid work. So what do you do to stay current?
Do you attend trade shows? Online training? Take educational classes? I’d love to hear from you!