DLT Solution for Medical Credentialing Tracking

Industry: Healthcare

Overview: The Customer wanted to integrate DLT into their existing medical credentials management platform in order to enhance trust in the information and reduce the amount of time required to verify credentials.

Challenge: Verifying medical credentialing is a very lengthy process in a highly regulated industry. In most cases the process can take weeks or even months to verify credentials, and many times has to be redone for verification purposes in each instance, such as medical professionals taking on other work-as is common in the field.

Solutions: Using the customer’s existing Salesforce application, TxMQ connected it to a distributed ledger network via REST API. The system includes an innovative mechanism for storing credential documents securely, with high availability.

Technologies: Salesforce, Swirlds Hashgraph, Java 8, CouchDB



A Healthcare Practice Management organization wanted to add distributed ledger technology to their existing credential management platform. The client was looking for a way to shorten the lengthy credential verification process by enhancing trust in the credentials stored on the platform, while ensuring they were stored in a secure, tamper proof environment to avoid fraud and legal issues for their organization and clients.

A DLT solution quickly became the leading technology choice to underpin the solution and deliver the desired result. The Healthcare Practice Management organization had evaluated several blockchain-based platforms and found that they didn’t quite offer the needed stability, scalability, and high availability that was needed. For that reason they chose to utilize the technology from Swirlds, which uses Hashgraph with a unique Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus mechanism that is built into a private network.