by Corey Switzer-Kruss
This week we popped lunchtime champagne to celebrate something pretty cool that a few incredibly hard-working TxMQ’ers  have accomplished for the good of the company.
We FINALLY received word, after over a year of hard work and collaboration and paperwork and follow up and more paperwork and waiting that TxMQ has been awarded a GSA Contract!!
Normally you’d get this good news from my co-blogger, Wendy, but SHE has been a driving force behind this initiative along with Mel and Chuck. It’s not Wendy’s nature to be self gratuitous, so I’m taking over with the praise.
I salute the three of you!  What an incredible feat!
Now, because I always try to keep my blogs educational (sometimes I accomplish this better than others) I will ask the rhetorical question, WHAT IS A GSA CONTRACT?
In short, a GSA contract allows a business like TxMQ to to do business with the federal government and all of its agencies. A business cannot work with the federal government without a GSA contract in place.
Why is this exciting? Well – no one knows for sure how much money the federal government spends on this or that, but we are acutely aware of the fact that the spend is large, VERY LARGE. This GSA has opened the door to the “federal bakery” so that we may attempt to munch on a piece of the pie.
In Chuck’s words, it “allows us to extend industry leading practices in staffing to the federal sector”.
Nicely put Chuck!
SO – contractulations guys! (Do you see what I did there? That’s called a Portmanteau just in case you have been wondering since the title)