Blockchain Proof of Concept, Medical Cannabis Seed to Sale Tracking

Industry: Government, Medicinal Cannabis

Overview: Utilize a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) or Blockchain Solution to create a trusted, immutable record for confirming registration, licensing, certification, credentialing, and payment processing. Also includes a tracking system component for chain of custody, supply chain management, and inventory management.

Challenge: Within the highly regulated medical cannabis industry there was a need for a secure solution that offered immutability, redundancy, transaction management, and provenance in an easy to use format that insured trust.

Solutions: Utilize DLT network through a web application interface.

Technologies: Hedera Hashgraph, Cross-platform mobile applications



The Medicinal and Recreational Cannabis industries are currently in early stages of growth. There are still several states that don’t offer medical cannabis, and even fewer offer access to recreational cannabis. As the highly regulated industry grows there is an increasing demand for trusted technology solutions that can answer the need for end to end tracking throughout the supply chain and purchasing process with proven trust and improved auditability.

Throughout its cycle of cultivation, extraction, testing, distribution and retail, cannabis must be tracked and documented at each step, and able to be easily audited by regulatory agencies. While many existing legacy technologies may have this capability, distributed ledgers have those features inherently, so DLT was chosen as the ideal technology behind the platform.

Some DLT platforms, most notably Blockchain, still have some technical shortcomings such as scalability and transaction speed. For this reason we turned to Hedera Hashgraph’s recently launched public network. Hedera’s platform offers many similar features including the same trust and immutability that other Blockchain Platforms can offer, but with vastly superior speed, efficiency, and scalability.

The solution includes an immutable data store (the Ledger) that cryptographically secures, holds and manages Credentials of Patients, Pharmacy/Retail Centers, and Cultivators – in alignment with the verification of Regulators. Smart Contracts are able to govern and validate transactions between all actors in the system, at every junction between the parties. In addition, the solution used the same technical capabilities to track and audit Product Inventory, Transformation, and Destruction activities. There was also an option to use a cryptocurrency as a payment mechanism, which is an important aspect of the system. It enables regulators to transparently collect applicable taxes at the time the transaction is executed, and has the potential to ease the difficulties that legal marijuana businesses encounter due to existing banking regulations.

Cannabis Tracking – Customer Purchase Example Walkthrough

Download the Cannabis Tracking Design Walkthrough PDF

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Track and Trace Proof-of-Concept

Industry: Medical Prescription Manufacturing, Shipping and Logistics

Overview: Utilize Blockchain to create a trusted, immutable record for tracking shipments of highly regulated substances such as opioids.

Challenge: Tracking shipments of highly regulated products is often cumbersome with many parties involved in manual processes which opens the process up to a high potential for inaccuracy or fraud.

Solutions: Utilize a distributed ledger, on a Swirlds Hashgraph network to more accurately track shipments of highly regulated substances.

Technologies: Swirlds Hashgraph



Within the pharmaceutical supply chain, regulatory compliance can place a massive burden on all parties. Many existing supply chains utilize manual processes that can drastically increase the possibility of manual errors and the potential for fraud. Since the introduction of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology, Shipping, Logistics, and Supply Chain tracking have become one of the most popular use cases.

This proof of concept we were able to demonstrate that Blockchain technology is an ideal solution for tracking and compliance. Within the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain, Blockchain can be used to create more transparency throughout the process, in addition to an immutable record to ensure safety requirements and regulations are being met and are in compliance. It was built as a demonstration for applying Swirlds Hashgraph technology to the regulated supply chain space.

UX Examples of Reports from Solution

Blockchain Proof of Concept for Helios Energia, a Real Estate Investment Firm

Industry: Financial Services, Real Estate

Overview: Our client was looking to build a proof-of-concept to demonstrate the tokenization of ownership of real estate, and ability to fractionalize said ownership of real property.

Challenge: Helios Energia, a Real Estate Investment Firm was exploring the idea of creating an application that demonstrated the ability to fractionalize ownership of real estate to lower the barrier of entry for investments.

Solutions: Utilize a Blockchain network to tokenize property within a portfolio so ownership can be easily verified, and fractionalized between several parties.

Technologies: Angular, Iconic, Hyperledger Fabric and Composer, Node JS, IBM Cloud Kubernetes container



Helios Energia, a Real Estate Investment Firm approached TxMQ with an idea to fractionalize property ownership of an investment portfolio to lower the barrier of entry for potential investors. The idea is very similar to crowdfunding a product or service, but also creates an opportunity for real estate ownership for those who may not have the immediate capital or knowledge to invest on their own.

When the Helios team came to TxMQ, immediately it was identified that Blockchain would be a perfect match for their needs. This particular project required the property asset to be digitally tokenized so that ownership could be shared and verified in a secure trustless environment. The ability to tokenize assets is one of the main selling points for Blockchain adoption, and there are many new use cases that have been realized due to this unique feature.

In this case we delivered a Proof-of-Concept that conceptually showed it was possible to tokenize assets on a Blockchain which opened up the opportunity to fractionalize these assets for ownership. TxMQ delivered a Kubernetes containerized application, available on mobile UX interface for ease of management, and visibility.

Screen Shots, and UX examples for Proof of Concept: