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IBM Cloud Paks

Containerized Software Solutions that Give You a Secure Way to the Cloud.

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IBM Cloud Paks – Modernize at the Speed of Cloud!

IBM is rethinking how organizations modernize their technology and move to the Cloud with prepackaged solutions called IBM Cloud Paks, also known as ICP. TxMQ can help you take the next step in utilizing these tools to set your business on the path to modernization with pre-packaged solutions built to work together and simplify your journey with the cloud. 

It’s been more than a decade since commercial cloud-first transformed business, but even now only about 20 percent of workloads have moved to the cloud. Why? Skills gaps, integration issues, challenges with existing legacy technology, and vendor lock-in prevent many teams from modernizing IT operations.

Business leaders have the difficult task of keeping pace with innovation without sacrificing security, compliance, or the value of existing investments. Organizations must move past the basic cloud model and open the next chapter of cloud transformation to help successfully balance these needs.

*information and statistics provided by IBM 

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Modernization through Containers

Containerization is helping organizations modernize their legacy systems and processes to help improve operational efficiency, integrate clouds from multiple vendors, and build a more cohesive cloud strategy.

Containers make it easier to integrate software and solutions by isolating pieces to run independently. You may already have heard of one of the more popular solutions available, known as Kubernetes (K8s). K8s is an open source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. It provides a powerful solution for orchestrating and managing containers, which is why it stands out among developers.

For this reason, IBM has embraced containerization and built its Cloud Pak, multi-cloud solutions around the Kubernetes open source project.

However, Kubernetes is just one small part of a complete solution to simplify modernization efforts. Organizations need to transform quickly and at scale. This includes orchestrating their production topology, offering a ready-to-go development model based on open standards and providing management, security, and governance of applications.

IBM Cloud Paks – The complete solution

IBM set out to offer a solution for addressing organizational modernization and transformation needs by introducing its IBM Cloud Paks (ICP). These prepackaged solutions provide enterprise-grade containerized software that’s designed to simplify and speed up your efforts with dependable solutions that can be managed on the modern cloud. In a recent survey they found, 94 percent of enterprises rely on multiple cloud providers to accomplish their business goals. With so many organizations using the multicloud approach the best solution for today’s modernization is a multicloud approach that provides flexibility without sacrificing security. 

IBM Cloud Paks are lightweight, enterprise-grade, modular cloud solutions, integrating a container platform, containerized IBM middleware and open source components, and common software services for development and management. These prepackaged solutions run everywhere Red Hat OpenShift runs, and are optimized for simplicity, productivity, and performance. 

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IBM Cloud Paks help enterprises do more.

Key advantages of the new set of offerings include:

  • Run anywhere. IBM Cloud Paks are portable. They can run on-premises, on public clouds or in an integrated system.
  • Open and secure. IBM Cloud Paks have been certified by IBM with up-to-date software to provide full-stack support, from hardware to applications and run on Red Hat Openshift.

Consumable. IBM Cloud Paks are pre-integrated to deliver use cases (such as application deployment and process automation). They are priced so that companies pay for what they use.

Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift is an open source container application platform based on the Kubernetes container orchestrator for enterprise app development.

IBM’s Cloud Paks come with Red Hat OpenShift already baked in. On it’s own OpenShift will allow you to deliver all your applications in a new modern way.

Red Hat OpenShift offers a consistent hybrid cloud foundation for building and scaling containerized applications. With OpenShift you can benefit from streamlined platform installation and upgrades from one of the enterprise Kubernetes leaders.

TxMQ offers solutions for implementation and ongoing management of your OpenShift environments, whether hosted on bare-metal, cloud, or hybrid cloud we’ve got you covered. Learn more about the Platform and Cloud Solutions from TxMQ here

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IBM Cloud Pak Breakdown

At this time there are a total of 6 Cloud Paks developed by IBM, with more on the way. Each of these Paks holds a specific purpose to help you in your modernization efforts and are specifically designed to accelerate transformation projects

IBM Cloud Paks for:

  • Applications
  • Automation
  • Data
  • Integration
  • Mulitcloud Management 
  • Security

See a further breakdown of these packages below.

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

IBM Cloud Pack for Applications helps you not only develop new, cloud-native applications but also unlock additional value from existing applications. The ICP for Applications, helps accelerate modernization and development by using built-in developer tools and processes. It supports cloud-native development, and microservices architecture. Customers can quickly maximize ROI, balance business requirements and risk, and equip developers with tools to increase efficiency.

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation helps you quickly scale up or down to meet fluctuating customer demand, rapidly create new products and services to gain competitive advantage, and strategically support the productivity of remote and onsite workers. It is a complete and flexible set of integrated automation software that can be deployed wherever you need it, on any cloud where Kubernetes is supported. The package even comes with low-code tools for business users and near real-time performance visibility for business mangers.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

IBM Cloud Pak for Data helps unify and simplify the collection, organization and analysis of data. This prepackaged solution was put together to help accelerate your organizational journey to AI to get the most out of your data. Organizations can turn data into insights through an integrated cloud-native architecture. IBM Cloud Pak for Data is extensible and can be customized to your unique data and AI needs through an integrated catalog of IBM, open source and third-party microservices add-ons.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration helps support the speed, flexibility, security and scale required for integration and digital transformation initiatives. It also comes with an integrated set of capabilities which include API life-cycle, application and data integration, messaging and events, high-speed transfer and integration security. Pair IBM Cloud Pak for Integration with an agile integration strategy to meet escalating demand, reduce costs and increase operational agility.

IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management provides consistent visibility, automation and governance across a range of hybrid, multicloud management capabilities such as event management, infrastructure management, multicluster management, edge management and integration with existing tools and processes. With multicloud management you can achieve the level of automation required to ensure continuity of business operations while adapting to quickly changing demand.

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IBM Cloud Pak for Security

IBM Cloud Pak for Security helps to uncover hidden threats, make informed decisions about the risks they pose, and then respond faster to those threats — while leaving data where it is. Customers can integrate tools and connect workflows across hybrid, multicloud environments, using a security platform that runs anywhere.

Read more about the IBM Cloud Pak for Security here.

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