Big Data, Business Intelligence and Data Science



Big Data, Business Intelligence and Data Science




Big Data, Business Intelligence and Data Science

Big Data and Analytics

TxMQ can help you implement, and design a big data analytics solutions that will allow you to transform raw data into valuable insights to make better, informed business decisions. We partner with the industries best, including Salesforce, IBM, Microsoft, and AWS, our team works with a wide technology stack, to meet our clients unique individual needs.

Let us help you gain better visibility into:

  • Customer Analytics
  • Marketing and Sales analytics
  • Manufacturing analytics
  • Financial analytics
  • Supply chain analytics

We will help you harness big data potential in various domains to gain the maximum ROI on your big data investments

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What can data science offer you on your journey to AI?

TxMQ can take you on your journey to AI.  We help you focus on building and scaling AI with trust and transparency, while educating users with “easy-to-get-started” tutorials. Our selection of products ranges from predictive to prescriptive analytics and addresses the issues of automating tedious repetitive tasks, predicting outcomes, and driving more data-backed decisions. Open by design and powered by IBM Research, this multicloud data science and AI lifecycle product portfolio delivers a range of capabilities that helps organizations take advantage of machine and human intelligence.

  • Prepare and Organize Data
    • Catalog, Analyze and Deliver Business Ready Data
  • Build and Train AI Models
    • Turn machine learning insights into improved actions.  IBM Watson Studio can help you build AI models to run on your desktop, IBM Cloud, or any cloud.
Deploy and Run AI Models

 Flexibly scale and deploy AI anywhere and avoid lock in. IBM Machine Learning lets you run models with a single click. You can also mix and match your models using Watson Studio, SPSS modeler, and your open source notebooks. You can also automatically generate APIs for app deployment. Neural networks and deep learning are easy to leverage with IBM Machine Learning. You can also continuously track and optimize AI outcomes through Watson Open Scale. With ease of integration into Dev Ops, Watson Machine Learning is built to scale AI production by design. Its an Open Platform, and life-cycle managed.

Deploy and Run API Models
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Manage and Operate AI

 Minimize risk by de-biasing models, explaining outcomes, and correcting model drift.  Governing production AI models is imperative to success.  Watson Open Scale tracks AI outcomes and helps ensure they remain explainable.  You can check your deployed models for bias at run-time, and monitor them for drift in accuracy.  Build trust and transparency into AI assets and fine tune your investment in top performing models because outcomes are tracked against business KPIs.  Explain predictions in words and visualizations.

Interested in learning more about AI and Big Data in your industry?

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