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We’re TxMQ

We empower companies across the globe to be nimble, secure and dynamic.

Managed Services

Managed Services

As digital solutions rapidly evolve, it can be difficult for a company’s IT and software infrastructure to keep up. TxMQ has the services that will help you implement and manage your IT assets.

Application Support

Application Support

Whether you’re transitioning, retiring solutions, building new systems or working with new business models, we offer support that makes transitions smooth…

Technology Advisory and Consulting

Technology Advisory and Consulting

Our team includes experienced engineers, architects, designers, analysts, and developers who come from large consultancies, major software vendors, and enterprise corporations. We’ve been there, done that, and can do it better. 

Industry Solutions and Resources

Industry Solutions and Resources

TxMQ has been a long time trusted technology partner, helping organizations in the highly regulated industries take steps towards modernization while maintaining business continuity managing legacy technologies. 

Architecture Consulting

A good software architect works to create an effective balance of people, process, and technology to prepare applications and systems for the challenges you face today while being ready for tomorrow. If you’ve ever experienced poor architecture you already know it can cost a lot, leading to downtime, inferior security, inadequate scalability, and drag out a short term project for years with complications.

Our Architects draw expertise from the project team in addition to utilizing their extensive experience with traditional and modern architecture principles to create applications and systems that integrate into existing infrastructures that are reliable, maintainable, and agile.

Take a closer look and learn more about how our experience and practices can help.

API Management
BPM Diagram

Decision Management & Business Process Management

Using the right BMP and ODM solutions properly can transform your workflow into a more effective and efficient process so your company is better equipped to adapt to the demands of modern needs.

BPM solutions offer a set of collaborative, role-based capabilities designed to model, simulate, execute, rapidly change, monitor, and optimize core business processes and workflows. ODM solutions enable business professionals to manage and automate repeatable business rules, events, and operational decisions that impact business performance.

Today there are countless technologies that can help you improve your internal processes. At TxMQ we find the best BPM and ODM solutions for your business and help to implement these efficiencies into your existing processes and management.

We can help Define & Design, Simulate & Configure, Execute & Monitor, Analyze & Optimize. Learn more here.

Salesforce Consulting

Salesforce is an astonishing cloud-based software platform with nearly limitless potential that helps to unify your marketing, sales, service, and other important business units.

Organizations of all sizes and industries from Enterprises, to SMB’s and even Non-profits, use Salesforce, but many are still working to realize it’s full potential for business transformation. Our Salesforce Consulting team supports organizations to get the most out of their Salesforce investment.

Learn more about our Salesforce Consulting Services here.

Enterprise Service Image
BPM Diagram

Managed Services

TxMQ Managed services are designed to help you manage and maintain complicated systems from legacy to cutting edge technology filling gaps in skills and resources you may not have in-house. Our MSP team can manage your databases, application servers, complex middleware architectures, and critical infrastructure components. We even support back level software for recovery of critical legacy applications.

Our services are designed to give you back time and resources so you can focus on innovation again. Learn more about our Managed Services here.

Assessment – IT Healthcheck

The start of every engagement begins with a technical assessment or IT Health Check, with our experienced Subject Matter Experts. Whether you’re trying to identify a problem or integrate a new solution our assessment helps to identify your unique business and technical needs. We work to outline specific objectives and goals during the process to ensure you’re taking the right steps forward.

Our goal is to help you continue to drive growth, innovation, and value throughout your organization. Take a closer look at how we approach during the assessment process. 

Enterprise Service Image
BPM Diagram

Real-Time Payment (RTP) Starter Pack

The next evolution of payments innovation is here. TCH’s Real-Time Payments network is available for all federally insured U.S. depository institutions. The ability to offer Real-Time Payments to your customers is key to staying competitive. TxMQ has the skills and authorizations to deliver the software and technical services required for RTP participation.

Click to learn more about the Real-Time Payments network and how to get connected. 

Cloud Services

As more and more companies move to the cloud, the number of issues and pain points directly related to cloud computing architecture increases. PC Mag conducted a survey revealing that one in five C-level executives are extremely frustrated trying to cope with the multiple applications and cloud services within their organizations. Click to learn more about how TxMQ can help evolve your strategies and optimize your services.

94% of Enterprises currently use at least one cloud service. By the end of 2020, 85% of Enterprises will have moved most workloads to the cloud and 67% are using more than one vendor.

API Management

API Management

The once-common practice of operating large, monolithic software systems supported on-premises is quickly changing. With the adoption of the cloud, microservices, and the new API economy, once slow-moving organizations have been challenged to accept new methodologies and tools to become increasingly agile and keep up with the competition.

Click here to learn more about how to build faster, more secure API’s, and how to improve your API management with the help of TxMQ.

Enterprise Messaging & Enterprise Service Bus

Every day more than 2.8 quintillion bytes of data are shared throughout the world. Communication happens more rapidly than ever, and MQ (message queue) is the conduit that keeps the channels open. There is more information exchanged between people, platforms, devices, systems and locations every second than there was every day 20 years ago. As the core infrastructure for application messaging, MQ is the heartbeat that keeps the connection flowing. When your systems communicate effectively, the data exchanged provides valuable insight that can significantly impact business performance. However, when your enterprise messaging stalls, data stops being an asset and turns into a burden.

On top of those deployment concerns, the sheer volume of critical data moving back and forth means that security constantly tops the list of major concerns. TxMQ’s enterprise messaging solutions ensure a rapid, simple, and safe MQ deployment, saving you time and money in operations and overhead. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about losing any more customers to security risks or frequent downtime.

BPM Diagram
Enterprise Service Image

Why TxMQ?

TxMQ consultants have been working with MQ since before the turn of the century with middleware experience originating from mainframe application integration now exceeding 40 years. IBM MQ is the industry standard for enterprise connectivity between disparate technical platforms.

What Can MQ do for You?
If you are a first-timer, as a large number of our customers are, working with IBM MQ, understanding MQ Concepts can be extremely beneficial to fast-path your first project.

Remote DBA Services

With TxMQ Remote DBA Services, you get the expertise and availability of multiple onshore DBAs (available offshore teams, as well) for less than the cost of a single in-house resource. We provide the peace of mind in knowing that your environments are in good hands. Primary and Secondary DBAs assume total ownership of your environment and adhere to your organization’s change control practices and support procedures. Learn more about our Database Administration Services here.

Enterprise Service Image

MQ Virtual Appliance

We created the MQ Virtual Appliance to offer the Benefits Of IBM’s New MQ Appliance In A Virtualized Solution.


MQ queue managers can participate in clusters and exchange messages with other MQ queue managers or MQ clients, regardless of how the other queue managers are deployed. The MQ Virtual Appliance provides businesses with an additional deployment option that runs alongside traditional, software-based MQ deployments.

QPacity Box Image
Enterprise Service Image

Technology Implementation Services

Stable, high performing enterprise systems begin with the right architecture and implementation. TxMQ is a leader in enterprise infrastructure and middle-ware technology implementation services.

TxMQ Implementation experts bring decades of experience while remaining on the cutting edge of the most current releases and technical advancements.

IBM (and other major vendors) infrastructure and application platforms require attention to detail and specific configuration/tuning in order to optimize performance and system reliability.

Business Integration

B2B integration in the digital economy is critical: It enables and empowers enterprises to drive new revenue, increase current revenue and realize cost efficiencies. B2B integration can boost customer satisfaction and buoy relationships with partners and distributors. That all serves the business. But it all depends on IT, where challenging and complex technology environments, growing security concerns and legacy applications and protocols can slow the pace of integration projects.

Enterprise Service Image
Enterprise Service Image

Remote Systems Administration

Is your business really well served by tasking your HR teams with the challenge of finding rock star systems administrators? We know our business, you know yours. The TxMQ advantage is that we have unique programs to keep our teams engaged, trained, and motivated. We allow them a broader range of engagements to work on than they would typically realize if employed by one company supporting a static environment. Plus, the cost of TxMQ’s RSA (whichever way you do it, honestly) will almost always be cheaper than in-house support.

Software Asset Management
& Software Asset Managed Services

Software Asset Management (SAM) strategies help companies to maintain a more secure enterprise environment by managing software asset entitlements, overseeing usage and ensuring compliance.

TxMQ’s license experts specialize in working efficiently and confidentially to develop and deploy custom SAM strategies that mitigate the risk and exposure companies experience in the face of an audit.

We have options from full management all the way down to as-needed license reviews. There’s an option to fit every situation and need. Most companies prefer a managed-service solution, whereby TxMQ actively engages to manage software usage and establishes best practices for change management, SDLC compliance, and more.

Enterprise Service Image
Enterprise Service Image

IBM MQ & WebSphere Service

Ask about our IBM MQ Health Check to determine potential vulnerabilities within your deployment that could lead to security issues or downtime. TxMQ is an IBM Premier Business Partner with deep skills and extensive experience in middle-ware, our specialized skill set uniquely qualifies us to provide full IBM MQ and WebSphere Application Server (WAS) solutions to support clients. We want to be your IBM MQ and WebSphere Application Server support or service advisors.

TxMQ has decades of experience perfecting the architecture, integration, and managing MQ and Websphere Application Server deployments in various environments within highly regulated industries.  You want TxMQ when security and stability matter most. Our middle-ware technicians and subject matter experts help maintain the reliability that you expect with IBM’s MQ and WebSphere Application Server products.


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