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The Benefits Of IBM’s New MQ Appliance In An Easily Managed, Virtualized Solution

TxMQ is an IBM Premier Business Partner with a proven track record that spans more than 35 years. We created the MQ Virtual Appliance to offer the Benefits Of IBM’s New MQ Appliance In A Virtualized Solution. It’s A NEW WAY TO MQ.

With a virtualized appliance, your messaging infrastructure can scale to fit your specific business needs, no matter how large

This new approach to MQ infrastructure is fast to deploy, simple to maintain, reliable, secure and cost-effective

TxMQ can lighten the burden on your IT staff by offering you a capability partnership – no need for your current staff  to step away from mission-critical projects

Customize the MQ Console browser-based interface for monitoring and configuration

The MQ Virtual Appliance fits into your current virtual environment and operates in two modes – standalone (SA) or high-availability (HA). Your virtual appliance can be utilized with either VMWare or RHEL 6

MQ means true universal messaging for the digital economy that drives connectivity for the Internet of Things and mobile devices

MQ queue managers can participate in clusters and exchange messages with other MQ queue managers or MQ clients, regardless of how the other queue managers are deployed. The MQ Virtual Appliance provides businesses with an additional deployment option that runs alongside traditional, software-based MQ deployments.

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