The iPandemic

By Wendy Sanacore
Apple just launched the iPad 2. It crows the benefits of being lighter, thinner and featuring a front-facing video camera for video chat and a souped-up processor.
The new iPad will release on March 11, but in my opinion, this absolutely begs the question…Why should we buy anything as a version one anymore when we know there will be a newer, more updated version just down the road?
Case in point, there have already been 4 versions of the iPhone with tease of an iPhone 5 launching this summer. What happened to all those people who ran out and waited in lines for Version 1? Are they now obsolete?
Apple has a great marketing plan. By hyping up the most recent version of its product, they can persuade the people who spent $499 on the previous product to go out and spend the exact same amount for Version 2. It’s all in the name of technology, I suppose.
What about you? Do you purchase the new Apple products as soon as they hit the shelf? I know one thing, I didn’t own the original iPad, but I sure do want the iPad 2…
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