TxMQ Timeline

  • August 1, 1979

    TxMQ began its life in Toronto, Ontario Canada

    Our company began its life in Toronto, Ontario Canada in 1979.

    Geoff Fridd and Laurie Kochen who had recently retired from IBM, began supporting IBM’s large mainframe customers, in much the way that they did during their tenure at IBM. This is how TxMQ was born!

  • May 16th, 1997

    TxMQ, Inc Was Formed in the US

    The US entity of TxMQ was formed to grow the business and better support the burgeoning US customer base. In addition, the company began focusing on and building skills around IBM’s MQ Series, now known as MQ, and the WebSphere product families.

    We are now headquartered in the United States. We continue the mission of supporting our customers across the globe as a premier IBM Partner.

  • December 1, 2000

    Current Leadership Took Over

    In 2000, the current leadership joined TxMQ. This allowed for the expanded mission to include support for customers of all sizes, regardless of their technology platforms. It allowed TxMQ to become system agnostic.

    This includes the addition of a staffing division to help our customers’ personnel needs and the expansion of the company’s reach across the United States and overseas.

  • 2020 and Beyond

    Present Day

    Today, TxMQ supports mid-market, and Global 2000 companies. Allowing these companies to expand and increase their competitive advantage by leveraging our thought leadership and technical expertise.

    We help companies on their digital transformation journeys. Learn more about us on these pages. Please reach out for a no-obligation consultation on how we can help your company realize sustained success!