Integrate .NET apps w/IBM's WebSphere Message Broker

IBM WebSphere Message Broker is a lightweight, advanced enterprise service bus (ESB) that enables the integration of data sources from a wide range of platforms.
WebSphere Message Broker allows Microsoft .NET applications to integrate into a broader connectivity solution simply, and easily. Growing IT complexity and lack of communication between systems can stunt business growth. Message Broker is easily integrated to reuse technology and information across various organizational silos.  In addition, it’s simple to learn interface allows skilled .Net resources to get up to speed quickly and easily.
An ESB solution allows you to focus on your core business by keeping the integration logic  “in the bus” and not in the applications, allowing you to add new services faster, and change services with minimal impact to workflow later on.
Organizations of any size can now eliminate point-to-point connections and batch processing, fostering increased business flexibility and growth.
WebSphere Message Broker comprehensively supports Microsoft .NET environments and can interact with new or existing .NET and Component Object Model (COM) applications. And the proven scalability ensures that your company can continue to grow and protect your existing software investments.

Discover the Value of an ESB based on WebSphere Message Broker

Reasons You Should Consider Message Broker

  1. Do you use or are you considering using Microsoft Dynamics?
  2. Do you develop in .NET?
  3. Are you a pure Microsoft shop, or a mixed shop (ie SAP, Oracle, etc)?
  4. How do you integrate all these applications together?
  5. Would you like to get 20x the throughput on your same hardware?
  6. What would it mean to your business if your integration was faster and completely reliable?

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