Business Process Management & Decision Management

Transform your workflow into a more effective and efficient process with BPM.

Deliver new lines of business and efficiencies for the digital economy with ODM.

Business Process ManagementDecision Management

Business Process Management (BPM)

What is BPM?

Orchestrate and automate business processes and workflows for improved speed, efficiency and control with BPM.  IBM business process management (BPM) solutions offer a set of collaborative, role-based capabilities designed to model, simulate, execute, rapidly change, monitor and optimize core business processes and workflows.BPM-Business-Process-Management-TxMQ-@0.75x

They provide tight integration with other IBM process management, monitoring and integration solutions to deliver a full operations view.The result is a unified platform for process design, visibility, process management and automation that will help you achieve real business value.


Transform your workflow into a more effective and efficient process, so your company is better equipped to adapt to an ever-changing digital economy.  With IBM BPM, TxMQ can help you change the way you work so that every process is streamlined and effective. Executives and IT collaborate to analyze the relationships between millions of events to pinpoint and resolve issues that negatively impact business performance. It can save you millions of dollars a year.

 BPM Products:

IBM Business Process Manager Advanced

Delivers a combination of business process and basic case management, service oriented architecture (SOA) and business process analytics.

WebSphere Presence Server

Enhances applications with consolidated information regarding user availability, capability and willingness to communicate.

IBM Business Process Manager Advanced for z/OS

Offers business process management software optimized for z/OS process visibility and management on IBM System z.

IBM Business Process Manager Standard

Offers a BPM Platform that provides full visibility and insight to managing core business processes.

IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud

Offers a subscription based cloud service for visibility and management of business processes.

IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud

Discover a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that lets anyone in your company document, understand and improve processes. It’s a cloud hosted solution that allows your non-technical,operational staff to visually organize and map out business processes. Click here to learn more.

Operational Decision Management (ODM)

What is Operational Decision Management?

Use business contexts, rules and complex event processing analytics to automate business policies and decisions. IBM ODM solutions enable business professionals to manage and automate repeatable business rules, events and operational decisions that impact business performance. For example: Should a discount be applied to a purchase? Does this customer qualify for the next step in a loan application?

Why Decision Management?

IBM operational decision management solutions enable management of business logic outside of applications—reducing reliance of business professionals on IT and empowering them to create and manage business rules. This empowerment allows you to address shifting business contexts in near real time and improve responsiveness and performance. Additionally, predictive analytics can be used to act upon data to anticipate business conditions and beat the competition.