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How much do you know about Blockchain and is it just hype?

Blockchain Basics: a Primer Every short while, a technology comes along that promises to turn everything upside down. Sometimes this happens, sometimes it’s hype. Think of Yahoo’s search in it’s early days, later overturned by Google’s better algorithms and business...

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White Paper: What is a Runbook

White Paper: What is a Runbook? TxMQ provides highly skilled remote technical support and tailored managed-services solutions for our customer’s middleware. Whether it’s database (Oracle™, IBM DB2™, Microsoft™ SQL Server, MySQL™), Java-brokering software...

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2017 Greater Buffalo Area CIO Roundtable a Success

2017 Greater Buffalo Area CIO Roundtable a Success On a recent sun filled afternoon, almost 50 area business leaders and technologists gathered in downtown Buffalo to hear a panel of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) present their thoughts on trends and directions in...

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Fractional IT support, or the Uberization of IT support

Sometimes companies don’t require technical assistance in any amount of hours evenly divisible by 40.  Sometimes, a few hours a week is all that’s needed. For small businesses, technical assistance is usually accomplished by any number of small shops who provide...

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Investing in Workplace Education

When I joined TxMQ in the early 2000s, the company’s primary go-to market strategy was technical training. We hosted between 90 and 120 training classes annually for large companies in Toronto, Ontario, Ohio, and Michigan. We consulted, too, but it was a very small...

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APIs & DevOPs are part of the Hybrid Cloud Answer

TxMQ’s Hybrid Cloud Practice Most companies today have a huge investment in legacy systems and applications. Some may be mainframe based, containing collections of old Cobol code that continue to run the business. Other situations find companies with ERP or MRP...

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