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Nearly any application requiring chain of custody, like tracking, is ripe for a new solution built on blockchain technology.


Blockchain solutions are often confused with Bitcoin, or other distributed ledgers. While Bitcoin may have paved the way for other blockchain technologies to be thought into the world, such as Ethereum, the possibilities of what can be done using these “blocks” of code are truly endless.

Rethink how applications are built

Blockchain Manufacturing Industry Icon

For Manufacturing

  • Increase the transparency and traceability in your processes and supply chains; helping to resolve inefficiencies every step of the way.
  • Track products from their origins to their destinations, verifying ownership and reducing theft.
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For Insurance

  • Simplify the claims process and enhance┬áprocess efficiency.
  • Decrease fraud and improve compliance by using set rules for claims processing, reducing human error.
  • Improved access to reliable data records that can be accessed from a decentralized ledger.
Blockchain Financial Industry Icon

For Financial

  • Accelerate the speed of transactions and monitor them in real time
  • Improve accuracy and eliminate fraud with a detailed audit trail.
  • Use “Smart Contracts” that are triggered when conditions are met to eliminate the added expense of a middleman.
  • Eliminate third party costs and fees for seamless peer-to-peer transactions.
  • Simplify and streamline cross-border payments.
  • Increase transparency among financial institutions, leading to improved regulatory reporting and monitoring.
Blockchain Insurance Solutions Icon

For Commerce

  • Open your business to the world without dependency on any institution to exchange currency or verify the transaction.
  • Realize more profit by eliminating fraud and lowering transaction fees.
Blockchain Manufacturing Industry Icon

For Healthcare

  • Create a master patient index, tying patients to their data, rather than their identity.
  • Create a layer of de-identified data for researchers to use to recruit patients for clinical trials.
  • Simplify the claims process and billing by automating adjudication.
  • Secure data from care center to care center, and improve quality of care, by storing patient information as blocks of universal code.
Blockchain Financial Industry Icon

For Pharmaceuticals

  • Track pharmaceuticals from creation to distribution: ensuring manufacturing quality and patient safety in the event of a recall.
  • As in clinical trials, create a layer of de-identified data for researchers to use to recruit patients for pharmaceutical trials.

Secure Your Assets

With a timestamped line of defense, Blockchain technology creates traceable blocks of transactions to put your mind at ease.

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